For more than twenty years, she has been engaged on the development of critical thinking as philosophical practice in the city, and essentially in the field of education where she works with teachers, learners (from 6 to 18 years old), parents, actors of the social and cultural life, in France and all over the world (around thirty countries up until now). In France, her activity is consisting essentially on pedagogical projects in public schools, primary and secondary, and on the training to critical thinking. She also regularly travels abroad where she conducts workshops and seminars with various audiences (teachers, students, social and cultural workers, activists, professionals…).


The school is a conservative environment: teachers distribute knowledge, that’s it! They have trouble to look at things differently. There is the teacher and there is the student, everyone has their own “posture”. There is little collaboration between them, the door of the classroom is rarely open, it is a closed place.
Bringing philosophy into the classroom is difficult because it changes established paradigms. It is not the teacher in one side, and the student in another side, but there is co-construction of knowledge, mutual teaching between the teacher and the students: no longer the “right” or the “good” answer is required, even if there are other requirements.

Pratique Philosophique


Tutoring: online individual training, using Skype or the Zoom platform, and Google docs

Next seminars on philosophical practice

In English: August 3rd – 9th, 2020 (La Chapelle Saint André – Burgundy)

In French: June 6th and 7th, 2020 (Argenteuil – Paris suburb)

Pratique Philosophique
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Pratique Philosophique

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